When all of your tapestry/sewing needles seem to go missing..


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Some photos from the Fort Hood Independence Day 5k Color Run
Photo Credit: VerticalDrop Photography

Omg was this with the 70-200mm? Or 50mm?

This was the 50mm with a tulip hood & uv filter cover lens on. :) Lots more to come, I had a blast.

When Kidney Stones Attack

You cry at work, but try to smile and suffer through. Thank science for strong pain meds <3 Even though it felt like it took forever for them to kick in. And thank the stars that it didn’t happen til the end of the day. 

Home, relaxing and going to crochet a few baby gifts for my friend’s new son Jude (he’s already a month old @.@ that’s so crazy) in his daddy’s favorite football team’s colors. 


Fort Hood 5k Color Run
Photo Credit: VerticalDrop Photography


[x] VerticalDrop Photography [x]

These photos are just such fun….
Cope, Dunn, Ortiz family
Photo Credit: VerticalDrop Photography

Telling people the brutally honest truth emotionally drains me.

bookworm-swiftie said:Thanks will put it on my goodreads to read pile - also love how you actually explained it instead of sayings it’s alright Virtually cupcakes for you my friend keep up the good work by being fair kind humble

awww<3 Thank you! I love cupcakes. They are my favorite! (I even have a cupcake necklace in my jewelry box!) 
You’re welcome! I’ll probably update about it as I read some more of it. I read it a little every day before bed and before work. It’s not super long, about 300 pages I think. :) I’m glad you liked my explanation.

Response currently reading So Much it Hurts by Monique Polak 7.23.14

bookworm-swiftie said: What’s it about and what’s your feelings on it

Goodreads Page

It’s about a 17 year old girl who wants to be an actress that starts a relationship with quite an older man that is a director, he is controlling and abusive but she stays in the relationship, making excuses for him and leaving behind her friends and her focus on herself. At least that’s what I’ve gotten through so far.

(I’m about 50% into the book)
As far as my feelings on it, I do enjoy it so far. It seems to hold pretty true to what I know of abusive relationships, how you make excuses for your partner, blame yourself for their temperament, etc. What I don’t like is that the timing is a bit strange.. things just seem TO HAPPEN. Like, months pass without hardly any mention or filler for those months. The mother appears to be almost entirely absent. Another character that is missing, just suddenly shows up with little to no story leading up to it. But, I do think that the main character is fairly representative of a teenage girl, she doesn’t act to young or too old for the age she’s suppose to be written as. The relationship with the older man did happen really quickly also which I didn’t really care for, I wish there was more lead up to it. But I do like it and I’m interested to see how it ends. 

Currently Reading 7.23.14

So Much It Hurts by Monique Polak

Home from work, so tired -.- 

editing to get done

dishes are done

food in my belly.